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Susan Wilson

Growing up, I moved frequently with my family, since my father was in the military. In almost every city, my parents would invest in a home and subsequently rent it out as we moved to the next city. It was something they instilled in me from an early age, to invest in real estate, so at twenty-four I bought my first home. Since that time, I graduated from Virginia Tech with a business degree, raised a family of four which included adopting a teenager out of foster care. This led me to volunteer and serve on multiple boards to include DFACS, First Things First and Women’s Fund of Greater Chattanooga. I’ve worked both for large corporations including a regional bank in the lending department as well as a small business real estate developer who specialized in apartments for low income families. I moved to Chattanooga 12 years ago and have watched our beautiful city grow and change. With an extensive background in investing, buying and selling homes, and love for Chattanooga, I decided to get my real estate license in order to help others find their dream home. I enjoy working with young and old; first time home buyers or those in a transition. In fact, finance is one of my favorite subjects including analyzing a total budget for a new home. If you are interested in any of these areas, please contact me. I am happy to work on the weekends, and if I’m not available, I have a trusted partner to help me who shares my same vision.