Signal Mountain

Why We Love Signal Mountain 

One of our favorite suburbs of Chattanooga is Signal Mountain. A peaceful town, Signal Mountain is known for its great schools, beautiful hiking trails, and friendly community. 

Signal Mountain is one of Chattanooga’s most sought after suburbs, and for good reason! Not only is it located a quick 20 minutes from Downtown Chattanooga, it boasts beautiful homes, great schools, and an abundance of natural beauty. 

Nestled next to the beautiful Tennessee River Gorge, Signal Mountain is ideal for couples and families that crave space, while staying close to all the action.

Signal Mountain History

Signal Mountain takes its name from the scenic Signal Point overlook. The first settlers of Signal Mountain were Native Americans who used Single Point to send fire and smoke signals across the Tennessee River Gorge. Years later, Signal Point would be used by the Union Army as a communications station during the Civil War. 

Until the 1870s, very few people lived on Signal Mountain. Chattanooga was in the midst of cholera and yellow fever epidemics. This caused affluent families in the valley to relocate to Signal Mountain where they could find clean air and fresh water. One of these new settlers, Charles E. James, purchased 4,400 acres of land by Signal Point and started to develop the area. By 1925, this area had 200 homes, the Signal Mountain Inn (now Alexian Village), a trolley, and a golf course. Today, this part of signal mountain is known as “Old Town” and it hotst some of the most beautiful homes on Signal Mountain.

Signal Mountain Schools 

Many families move to Signal Mountain for their highly rated schools. Signal Mountain Middle/High School, Thrasher Elementary School and Nolan Elementary are the public schools that service Signal Mountain. All three schools score an 8/10 according to

There are several private schools near Signal Mountain as well. The Bright School, Baylor School, McCallie Boys School, and Girls Preparatory School are just a few of the notable and prestigious private schools in the area.

Demographic of Signal Mountain 

Signal Mountain is a suburb of  Signal Mountain with a population of 8,523 people spread out over 8.4 miles and a density of around 1,000 people per square mile. The median age in this town is 44.2, which is almost 10% higher than the state average of 38.7. The typical household income in Signal Mountain is $104,933, which is more than double the state’s average.

Things to do on Signal Mountain

Signal Mountain is know for it’s wonderful natural surroundings. Because of this, most of the best things to do on Signal Mountain are outdoor activities. Our favorite spots include. 

  • Rainbow Lake Wilderness Trail
    • A beautiful hiking trail that leads down to the Tennessee River Gorge. The trail leading down to the lake is wide and smooth, making it suitable for all levels of hikers. The lake features a small dam and beautiful waterfall. 
  • Signal Point 
    • This is a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. It’s a short, easy walk to a beautiful overlook of the Tennessee River Gorge. This famed spot has been used by Native Americans and the Union army to send messages across the valley. 
  • Edward’s Point
    • Another amazing overlook, Edward’s point is located a few miles north of Signal Point. You can take the beautiful three mile hike along the three mile bluff. There are also ATV paths that lead to Edward’s Point

Cost of Living on Signal Mountain

With its beautiful natural surroundings, and close proximity to downtown Chattanooga, it’s no surprise that living on Signal Mountain is pricy. According to Payscale, the average cost of living is 25% higher than the national average.